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Survival in the Australian bush might not be something that you need in your day-to-day life, but if your adventurous desires lead you off the beaten track on a regular basis, you may one day find yourself in the need for some survival or tracking techniques, nature observation skills or bushcraft knowledge. 

Imagine you are mountain biking through one of Australia’s many isolated tracks with friends; you take a wrong turn while exploring the wilderness, and become lost, injured and find yourself in imminent danger. Having knowledge of your surroundings, and skills that can help you survive or find your way again might literally be the difference between life and death.

Most adventurers are risk takers to an extent, but if there is a way to prepare yourself for the worst, you take it.

img_0211Bushlore Australia offer expert outdoor programs that impart life-saving wilderness survival skills and facilitate a re-connection to the natural world. They also provide training in search and rescue tracking, disaster survival, urban survival, survival self-defence, self-reliance, sustainability, team building, leadership and personal development.

These amazing courses don’t just teach techniques and tricks, they show you the philosophy that underpins engagement with the natural world.

The courses they run, range from Survival Self-Defence, where you will undergo a series of SAS designed training and learn to read a potentially hostile situations, become situationally aware, then if attacked know what to do in the most tactically reliable way, to neutralise your attacker(s) and make your escape to safety to a course that teaches you the fundamentals of primitive survival trapping, snaring and hunting.

Bushlore Australia also run courses on tracking and observation, survival fish hook making, and run a 2 day complete wilderness survival course, which ensures that the fundamentals of survival are addressed in a logical and practical manner in order to foster personal resilience.

img_0222Subjects normally covered during the course include the psychology of survival, shelter construction, fire lighting, water procurement, food procurement, emergency signalling, expedient navigation techniques, knives and knots, survival kits and emergency packs and using resources effectively and respectfully.


You never can tell when you will need skills for your survival.




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