September 2016

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    Visit untouched New Zealand

    Imagine visiting one of New Zealand’s most remote areas – untouched, unspoiled and visited by only 

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    Be Prepared, Stay Safe

    NoWorries Insurance – We cover what others don’t, helping you enjoy the things you love! So you can live more and worry less!

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    Paddle Power Trainer

    Performing 100% at your peak is a difficult place to reach, no matter what your goals.

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    World Adventure Destinations

    Are you dreaming of making the most of your next holiday? How does trekking in the remote mountain regions of the Himalaya sound?

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    15 Essential Items for Your Next Hiking Adventure

    Hiking is a fantastic means of getting fit, enjoying the outdoors, and is generally a free activity. However, it is crucial to equip yourself with the right gear for your next hike to ensure that you do not run into any communication, health/injury, or location troubles. So forth, we have compiled a list of 15 essential items for your next hiking adventure.